Saturday, December 5, 2009

first profile showing

We found out today that our profile was shown once on November 5.  That is good news, because that is the first time.  Hopefully now we will be shown more often, and will be matched soon.  We also have been keeping an open-mind adopting a child or sibling set in foster care.  I can spend hours on the computer looking at their faces and reading their stories.  Our home study was just updated with an addendum for older children as well as larger sibling sets.  I also just got around to having our principal sign the letter that I am working full-time this year.  It has been so crazy going back full-time after being part-time for only a year.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Here I go again...

I am questioning whether or not to start blogging again.

Since our unfortunate Ukrainian experience, we have decided to adopt in the United States. Ukraine just left a bad feeling in our hearts as far as international adoption goes, so for now we are sticking to the US. While we (well...really me) would love to adopt internationally, we want to give it some time. So, now we are in the waiting game again. Our profile with our agency (yes, the same one) has been active since July. Our profile has not yet been shown to any birthmothers, which is what our social worker had told us to expect. However, we have had our fair share of "false alarms".

We have been contacted several times through email of birthmothers who have chosen us to adopt their babies. The first time we were contacted, I was so excited at just the possibility! However, we learned through her that there are scams all over the place. The emails all have very consistent characteristics...bad grammar as the most obvious.

Again, I am blogging because I want to have written account that our child may one day read to see the journey that led him or her to our hearts and home. I also enjoy reading the blogs of others who are adopting, or that have adopted. It is a great support system.