Friday, March 26, 2010

we've been busy!

I have not had time to blog lately.  Life has been a whirlwind of activity.  All good I might add!
Getting used to being a family of three, schedule changes, doctor appointments, photo shoots, registering for baby, visitors, phone calls, two baby showers.  It is amazing to us....the generosity of all our loved ones and friends has been overwhelming.

We have had two baby showers in the past week.  The first one was last Friday given to us by a group of friends.  I have to almost seemed unreal.  I don't recall how many times I sat at baby showers and dreamed of the day that I would be the "mother". I also don't recall how many times I sat at baby showers and wished that it would go by as quickly as possible.  Thinking who would be the next one to have a baby....knowing it wouldn't be me.  So, with that being said, it was just so overwhelming.  I tried to savor each moment.  And then this past week, we had another shower at the school where we work.  Again, the generosity was almost too much.  We have quite a bit of gear, clothing and other essentials, that I have to add items to the registry for our family baby shower.

Not only have we had two beautiful showers, but students past and present have been sending gifts.  Each day Bill comes home with at least two gift bags.  While the visitors have slowed down, we have gifts from them as well.  It is amazing.  And I was expecting to go out and buy most of what we needed!  We actually don't know what to do with all of it.  Our garage is filling up with strollers, walkers, the basement is filling up with toys, and the clothes.....

Another highlight of our week was a photo session with a co-worker.  She did an absolutely beautiful job as you can see from the picture in the header above!  Also...she did not charge us.  Not only did she give us a gift at our shower, she took beautiful pictures.  Today, Bill brought home a DVD with pictures set to music.  I sat on the computer and watched it at least 20 times....sobbing through each viewing.  Believe it or not, two other people who are photographers have offered their services....for free.  We are planning a 3 month picture, and then a 6 month.

On Wednesday we had our first post-placement visit.  This one was not required by the state, but by our agency.  We had to take Olivia to the office, and spent about half and hour with the social worker.  It went very well, and we will be seeing her in our home again in April.  On our way home, we stopped at one of our favorite Indian restaurants.  I was a little nervous taking Olivia with us, but as usual, she did great.  She slept, ate, and then entertained us with her cuteness.

Yesterday, Bill took the day off and we took Olivia to the pediatrician.  It was our first time taking her, and I was so excited to see how much she had grown.  When she was born she weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces, and was 18 inches long.  She is now 9 pounds 8.5 ounces, and 21 inches long!  I could tell she had grown quite a bit, as some of her clothes were getting a little snug.  It went very well, and she was the happiest little baby.  She was smiling during the weight and length measurements....What a sweet little girl.

This weekend we are gearing-up for some friends to visit, and then Olivia will get to meet her other great-grandmother.  Hopefully, we will be able to squeeze in a nap, too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

one month

Our dear, sweet, girl is one month old today!  I wish I could slow down time.  She seems to be growing and changing each day.

Right now she is eating about 5 oz. every 4 hours.  She smiles at us, grabs onto our fingers, pacifier, and bottle.  She loves to take a bath, and is so happy and cheerful for about a half hour following one.  She also loves to be held, and will nuzzle her little face in our neck so that her cheek is touching our skin.  This is her favorite way to fall asleep.

Her neck is getting stronger, and she holds her head up for some time.  She just started taking her legs, push them, and bounce.

She also likes to "squawk".  Instead of crying when she is upset...she squawks.  This is followed by crying if her demands are not met!

I thank God each day for "B", my wonderful husband, and our precious baby Olivia.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am sitting here on pins and needles....waiting for the call to tell us that we can pick-up our daughter!
The effect of all this on my nerves is immense!

We did get Olivia's room painted this past weekend.  We chose a light, subtle lavender.  We plan to buy white furniture, and an area rug to cover the wood floor.  All in good time, though.  My wonderful sister-in-law gave us her bassinet, and we bought a car seat.  Olivia has plenty of clothes now thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who have been showering us with gifts.  Everyone has been so generous.  So, she is set to come home.  I have also done some shopping basic necessities.  I can't believe it....I am still surprised this is all happening....

In case you are wondering, we have a semi-open adoption.  We will be mailing letters and pictures to "B" on a set schedule.  "B" has no identifying information on us...she does not know where we live, our last names, etc...  All correspondence will be through our agency.  She can request one visit per year, which would also be done at our agency.  We have the same agreement with the birth father if he so desires.

I know I wrote about this already, but we had a wonderful meeting with "B" last week.  I still cannot stop thinking of her, and our day together.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

11:00 am

I am still buzzing with all of the excitement of today.  It was everything I ever could have hoped for, and more.

All the paperwork has been signed.....ahhh......A huge sigh of relief.

As we were sitting in the office today going over our paperwork, I couldn't help but think what was going on over at the courthouse.  Would "B" change her mind at the last minute?  I am famous for waiting until the last possible second to make an important decision, or change my mind about something I had already accepted.  So, if I knew myself of being capable of last minute surprises, other people could do the same. Could she?  Would she?  I was a complete wreck. It was about 11:20 when there was a knock on the door to the conference room.  A woman popped her head in and told us that, "They just called from court, are finished, and on their way.  They will be here shortly."  And that was it.  I broke.  I could not help but cry.  Those were the words I had been waiting to hear.

 I regained my composure, and held back tears until we left the room and met "B" in another, more intimate, comfortable room.  Again, I broke.  I don't know how long I held her, as I cried again, but I didn't want to let go.  Here she was....a sweet kind, gentle person who wants nothing but love for her little girl.

We went out to lunch along with the social worker, and had a beautiful day together.  "B" is so much more than I thought she would be.  I love her.  Not the "thank you" type of love, but the love of a close family member.  She will always be a part of me, and a part of Olivia.

When we started this adoption process, I was scared.  My husband was scared.  But as we learned more about it, the more comfortable and excited we became.  Now, it has completely changed our lives.  Not because we have a little one, but it has change us...who we are.  We have a better understanding of life, what is important, our faith was strong before, but now it can move mountains.  Our adoption is a miracle, and everyone we have met along the way is an angel.  We are blessed....

Introducing our daughter, Olivia....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tomorrow morning at 11:00 we have a meeting at the agency to sign our adoption petition.  At the exact same time, "B" will be in court signing papers to terminate her parental rights....

I talked to the social worker this morning, and all is well.  We are going to meet her and "B" at the agency, and then go to lunch.  I also bought "B" a gift.  I bought myself and Olivia the same one, too.  It is a D.ogeared (brand) necklace.  This particular company makes jewelry, and most of it comes along with a beautiful and meaningful reasons to wear it.  Take a look below.  I chose Love because it was what N.ordstrom had available that I thought fit most appropriately.  Their website has many pretty options, and I really liked the Pearls of Love necklace, but it would not have made it to my house in time for tomorrow.  I hope "B" likes it.  I also bought a pretty photo album for her to keep the pictures of Olivia that we send to her.

                               love reminder necklace...

 I can't help but to think about "B" tonight.  What must be going through her mind?  I pray for her...

Monday, March 1, 2010

just a few more days

That's all we have.  In a few more days, we will be able to breathe that sigh of relief that all adoptive parents anticipate.

I talked with the BM's social worker today.  We gave her the name we chose, as she needs it to prepare the paperwork.  She also talked with "B" earlier today.  I couldn't help myself...I just had to ask if she knew if "B" was waivering at all in her adoption plan.  Apparently she is doing great. (insert sigh of relief here....but not a complete sigh...)  B is doing very well, both physically and emotionally, and is really looking forward to meeting us.  I don't know which of us is more excited.

In the meantime, I am preparing for my leave from work.  I have a substitute teacher lined-up, contacted HR, and have the necessary insurance paperwork for Olivia.  Just to be safe, we are not filling anything out until after Friday.  I have not even explained to by substitute why I need to take a family leave.  We learned our lesson last year with our Ukraine debacle.  We had to explain to everyone what had happened, and I just don't want to go through that again.

Tomorrow is Tuesday....a day that I can get through relatively easily.  I have a hair appointment, and LOST is on at night.  Oh, how I love that show.  I mean I really love that show. We don't watch much TV, but that show has me hooked. I cannot get enough of it...It saddens me that this is the last season.  I can't imagine not scheduling Tuesday evening around it.  I love to read the message boards, threads, theories, spoilers....anything I can get my hands on about that show that may lead to a clue and possibly figuring out just what in the world is going on!

On another positive note, Oma is doing very well.  She is no longer in Hospice, and is now living at an assisted living/memory care facility.  It is a beautiful place, and the caregivers are absolutely wonderful.  She has her own room, with her own bathroom.  She is also much more agile, and is able to feed herself, drink holding the glass on her own, use the toilet, and is walking with assistance.  I know my Ota heard my cries, because a few weeks ago, she was gone.  But she is back, and is doing much better than any of us thought was possible. Still acting goofy....telling us she is going to just go lay out in the snow, crying, but not shedding any tears....The typical.  Yesterday, she told me that she would love to babysit! (my other grandma, the one with Alzheimers, also offered her babysitting services recently!)  My mom and I just looked at each other......If you don't have a sense of humor, and see the innocence in loved ones with dementia, you could cry yourself silly.

Getting late....Staff meeting tomorrow at 8:00am, and dear hubby is complaining I spend too much time on this computer!