Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's new.....

....a bunch!

While I am still mourning the death of my Oma, we have had a WONDERFUL summer so far with Olivia.  Each morning, my husband and I still can't believe that we wake-up to a happy, smiling, little face.  She is such a joy.  We also count our blessings that we are both home with her all summer long.  She gets  us, all day....every day.

What is amazing to me is that I don't want her to get bigger, yet I enjoy each new phase even more than the previous.  I always think that she cannot possibly get any cuter....but she does.  Ohh.....what a little love.

Anyway, instead of writing, picture updates with captions it will be!

Mother's Day---Four Generations---Oliva, me, my mom, Oma
I look at it, and cannot believe how sick Oma looks.  I look at this picture, and I don't even recognize her.

My friend Marilyn's little girl, Ava, with Olivia. Isn't she a doll!

We got a gift from some friends to have Olivia's picture taken by Andrea Peardon. She came to our home back in May, and we went out in the backyard and she took some really beautiful pictures.
sweet baby girl......
check out more pics here.....

In the yard with Daddy and Winston (the pug is never far behind...)

Someone got their ears pierced!

Suttons Bay---First time in sand.
Suttons Bay with Daddy.
Suttons Bay with Mama.  Water was too cold for baby to go any further, otherwise this little fish would have been in.
 Uncle Beau is soooo good to me.

Playing with cousins Nolan and Quinn.
At one of the wineries!  I think we visited 4 this day.....
 Me with Aunt Kitty at Lynda's wedding.

Pretty Girl

Leland, aka "Fish Town"
Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor

Grandpa always tries to find a chair to sit and relax while we all scatter and shop.
On the way home from up north, we passed through the town where Olivia was born.  I had Bill find the hospital, and we drove around wondering, "what if........."

I looked out the kitchen window and saw this.
(Daddy was watering flowers nearby.......)

I ran outside, and this is how she now uses her bouncy chair....or at least how she did.  It has been retired.
She is a very determined little girl.
Loves to touch.
Sticking Tip of Tongue Out phase......
....which coincided with the Suck Bottom Lip phase.

Winston has quickly learned where to hang out when Olivia is eating.

She loves her doggies.
First time in high chair.....Look at that happy face!
Loves to chase the dogs in her walker.  Poor Gretel is blind and doesn't see her coming.  She has ended up on her stomach more than once.....
Who could not resist waking up to this every morning?!

full tummy.....

Ann Arbor Art Fair....I must try to touch everything!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another post long overdue...

...I wonder if anyone is even reading anymore.

June was a busy month...a sad one as well.

My dear, sweet Oma passed away in June.  If you remember, my Ota died in January, and ever since then she lost her will to live.  In fact, we thought we were going to lose her a week after we lost my Ota.
Sadly, we did not see it coming....or at least we chose not to.  Medically, she was healthy.  She did have dementia, however, it was not yet advanced.  Emotionally, she was tired.  She missed my Ota...her husband...her companion for over 60 years....her one true love.

I am heartbroken.  Completely heartbroken.  I loved my grandmother so, so much.  I still cannot believe that she is no longer with us.  Each night, in the quiet peacefulness of the baby's room, I rock Olivia, I sing to her, and I cry. I remember my Oma, and what a strong, beautiful woman she was, and how much...oh, how I miss her.  How I wish she could see Olivia and how she has grown.

My faith tells me that she is with me still, and always will be.  However, I am selfish, and right now that is just not good enough.

I was, and am still not ready to let her go....