Wednesday, March 17, 2010

one month

Our dear, sweet, girl is one month old today!  I wish I could slow down time.  She seems to be growing and changing each day.

Right now she is eating about 5 oz. every 4 hours.  She smiles at us, grabs onto our fingers, pacifier, and bottle.  She loves to take a bath, and is so happy and cheerful for about a half hour following one.  She also loves to be held, and will nuzzle her little face in our neck so that her cheek is touching our skin.  This is her favorite way to fall asleep.

Her neck is getting stronger, and she holds her head up for some time.  She just started taking her legs, push them, and bounce.

She also likes to "squawk".  Instead of crying when she is upset...she squawks.  This is followed by crying if her demands are not met!

I thank God each day for "B", my wonderful husband, and our precious baby Olivia.


MoserUpdates said...

How sweet! So I'm guessing she's with you full time now :) Glad the adjustment seems to be going well!

Jodi said...

What a doll baby! She's adorable! Congrats again! :)

rlvd said...

i don't know your ukrainian story but i'm so thankful for you that your domestic journey (seems from your postings) went quite quickly (?). I know that doesn't ease the anxiety or take away all that is involved in growing your family this way, but I had such happy tears come to my eyes to read your posts and once again watch a God unfold a beautiful new family before my eyes! I can't believe she was already born! Congratulations and blessings. From my experience, the next month will be even more exciting with Olivia interacting with you b/c she totally recognizes you as her mommy and daddy :)